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My name is Stefan [stefn], and this site hosts my personal projects and my blog. Need to get in touch? Send me an email or a DM on Twitter.

In fact, it’s Stefan’s Twitter bot templates that power many of the Twitter apps on Glitch. His templates provide a useful springboard to the throngs of devs who are eager to quickly create a Twitter app or bot on Glitch, and they’ve already been remixed by more than 350 other app creators.

Generative Placeholders is a new tool that lets you embed autogenerated placeholder art into a website that changes with every page refresh.

Botwiki came about because Bohacek wanted to be able to run fast searches whenever he had an idea for a bot.

[…] here’s one of those tweaks, and it’s cool.

It’s called Simple Sharing Buttons Generator and it’s by Stefan Bohacek. Bohacek is Brooklyn famous for being the inventor of BotWiki, a digital encyclopedia of bots that can be found and used online.

Stefan teaches the web regularly and participates in our community of educators and activists.

I appreciate his honest and constructive feedback and can-do spirit!

“As a self-taught web developer,” Stefan writes, “I really appreciate all the educational content freely available on the web. Many people devote their free time to create resources for anyone willing to learn, and I thought making this kit might be a way to contribute.”

I also got a shout-out in this WIRED article.

If you find any of my work useful, please consider donating to these groups fighting for racial justice in the United States. Alternatively, here’s my personal PayPal.