This Is Me Beta 2: Retrospective

Posted on November 14 2013

I made This about 3 months ago. I never really intended to turn it into a full featured product, but I kept some ideas in the back of my head. For example: today I changed the input from HTML to markdown.

And this might really be the last This update.

Revisiting old code can be fun (and/or frustrating). In this case, it was almost ego boosting. I’ve definitely done a good amount of progress in the past three months, because if I was really interested in making This a professional website, it would be easier for me to start over.

This is not to say that the site is horribly done, actually it looks alright on the outside and still serves as a nice technical demo for my portfolio. What I really mean is just that I am already on a different level when it comes to both my knowledge and how I organize my work.

So here’s to progress.