Introducing: Tumblr Tag Explorr

Posted on January 29 2014

Introducing Tumblr Tag Explorr (pronounced Explor-r, as if there was an E between the Rs, but not quite). A fun little “web app” built using the Tumblr API (and AngularJS and a hacked version of a script for loading grid items from Codrops).

The Explorr (Explor-r) lets you search for multiple tags at once. This is not the same as searching for posts with multiple tags. An example: let’s say I want to see all posts on Tumblr tagged cats together with all posts tagged dogs and also all posts tagged penguins. Because why not. The Tumblr search only lets me find posts that have all three tags so I would have to make three separate searches.

With Explorr (Eplor-r) you can perform those three (or two, or five or more) searches simultaneously.

A few notes:

This is an early beta/technical demo/practice in Angular. The app may feel a bit clunky and I noticed some posts appearing twice. EDIT: This should be mostly fixed. If you see a duplicated post, make sure it’s not a reblog or that the person didn’t actually post twice (and I’ve seen people posting the same thing more than twice).

Depending on whether I see any interest I will try to fix the issues and polish the whole Explorr experience.

Oh and HTTPS version is also available (in case you care about those things). And the URL gets updated with the tags you searched for, so you can easily bookmark the page.

And that’s it. So search away!

EDIT: Here is a neat example: all posts with animated gifs of rain, snow and thunder.