Using Trello For A Job Search...And Everything Else

Posted on December 19 2014

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— Stefan Bohacek (@fourtonfish)

December 5, 2014

I recently relocated to the US (from Europe) and naturally, I needed to get a job. As with everything else in life, you want to be organized when job hunting – you will be speaking to quite a few people, you will want to keep track of where you already applied, how many interviews you had with each company, make notes about why you didn’t get a particular position and so on.

A popular way to deal with this is to use a spreadsheet.



Now, when I tried this approach I immediately hit the first problem: what if I have multiple interviews with the same companies? Say, a quick phone call, then an in-person interview, then a technical interview and/or a small project assignment?

I could, of course, just add more columns, but that would make the spreadsheet a bit messy: each company can take you through a different number of rounds, plus there are also interviews where you/they will realize after the initial phone screening that there’s not a very good match.

Enter Trello.


The great thing about Trello is that it’s very visual. You can, for example, have lists for different stages of interviews: Upcoming, In Process, Rejected, etc. This will literally let you take one application and move it to another column.

You can use labels to see which jobs you applied for yourself and which applications are managed by job agencies you are in touch with.

You can even sort the companies according to how much you want to join them.

Things like this will let you get all the information at a glance. And here is how you can easily solve the problem I mentioned in the beginning:

What information you add to each interview you had is up to you, no need to worry about a mess in your spreadsheet.

For more tips I definitely recommend reading Lauren Moon’s article where she describes her experience with using Trello while looking for a job.

Why stop there though. Trello is incredibly versatile and lets you organize any kind of information easily.

In my family, we buy a lot of presents in December. Not only because of Christmas – Me, my son and also my niece, we all celebrate our birthdays this month. (Plus I also celebrate my name day.)

I used Trello to organize our shopping lists and wishlists – you can easily move presents from one person or occasion to another.

Going back to my job hunt, the next step for me is finding a new apartment.

I’m really just starting the process here, but I think you can get a few ideas how to use Trello for this: sort apartments and houses by location, add things you’ll need to buy, like furniture, and so on.

There are many ways how to organize information. There is Evernote, Google Drive or just simply pen and paper. It’s really just a matter of preference. For me, Trello has just the right features I need to manage my tasks (alone or with someone else) and keep organized.

If any of this sounds interesting, go give it a try.