Simple Sharing Buttons Generator v2.6.4, and a Thank You

Posted on March 25, 2015

After a long delay, here’s another update for the Simple Sharing Buttons Generator, bringing it to version 2.6.4. If you see the old version, make sure to reload the page.

This update fixes a few minor issues, such as missing title tag for the Facebook sharing link and slightly improved CSS code.

Most importantly, I put together a page that describes how to use the generator and addresses some questions I received from the users.I am very pleased to report that the site received over 60,000 views and has been shared, liked or commented on more than 1,000 times.I also appreciate all the emails and tweets :-)

And lastly, the donation counter is at $60, which may not be much (about $0.23/day since I added the option to donate), but it says a lot when people decide to pay for something that’s completely free to use. (On that note, in this update I also added the option to donate using Bitcoins – still figuring out how this thing works!)

So this is a big Thank you! to everyone who uses the site and finds the time to say Thanks! regardless of the form :-)