Beyond the /message

Posted on April 24, 2015

A while ago I started working on a node.js-based project; another of those chat apps with a twist (EDIT: Oh no, it’s not Detective, it’s a different project that I decided to kill off). Unfortunately, life’s been rather busy for me and eventually the idea seemed a lot less interesting. I still wanted to work on a fun website/web app that would use node.js and, so I came up with the /message.

The concept behind /message is very simple: if you’re the only person on the page, you get to view and edit the content. Otherwise you have to come back later.

This is still a work in progress and I am very open to suggestions. For example, in the initial version, if the visitor left the page without updating it, someone else could read the same message again – so the original visitor was not leaving a message just for the next person. I changed it so that the message would be deleted each time it was shown, but there are some technical difficulties preventing the message from being deleted accidentally (for example when a bot crawls the page), so I had to revert to the original behaviour. Like I said, work in progress.

There are already projects like illacceptanything, but a more direct inspiration was the work of Edna Piranha, whose projects center a lot about the way people communicate on the internet. After I got my idea, I remembered illacceptanything and wanted to make sure that my project can be distinguished from similar ideas.

That’s part of the reason behind some of the design decisions.

As for what’s next for the project, I am considering adding Markdown support, maybe work a bit more on some other technical details 🤔