Detective 1.2: Offensive Language Filter, Privacy Policy and a Roadmap

Posted on May 18, 2015

Hey there, fellow Detectives and Impostors – and Robots!

So the game is already somewhat popular and since I didn’t have time to put together an FAQ/More Info page over the weekend, here’s a quick placeholder.

First of all, I appreciate all the positive feedback. The game is still work in progress, so I appreciate everyone’s patience while I’m smoothing out some of the quirks.

Speaking of this, I implemented a sort of a filter in the game – I really don’t mind people swearing, but certain language should really be off-limits. I’d really appreciate if anyone could report any issues due to this.

Moving on, there are really two main areas to focus on in this project: the Robot and some kind of a scoring system.

Now, before I continue, I’d like to talk a little bit about privacy. None of the conversations are saved on my server – unless either of the human players click on one of the sharing buttons after the game is over. This saves the chat log into the database and generates a link to a page that can be shared, like this one. Chat logs between a human player and the “Robot” are saved by BOT Libre, here is a link to their Privacy Policy page. I myself browse the chat logs to help train the chat bot so that his answers can appear more human-like.

With that being said, I wouldn’t really expect anyone to share any private information in an online chat game, but definitely let me know if you have any concerns about your privacy or if you have any further questions. I will try to put together a more comprehensive About/Privacy Policy page soon.

As for a scoring system, I am considering only awarding points for either successfully determining that you are speaking with an Impostor or for deceiving the Detective into thinking they are speaking with one. I think the real fun of the game comes from playing as the Impostor and pretending to be a chat bot to confuse the other player. Playing against the Robot would then server as a practice area for observing how the Robot behaves, what expressions “it” uses.

The only thing left to solve here is whether to let people use Twitter/Facebook/etc to log in or whether to let them create separate accounts.

I am heavily leaning towards a federated login, but I really don’t want to lock those people out of the game who don’t like using their social media accounts to sign up on websites.

We’ll see.