Updates Roundup June 11, 2015

Posted on June 11, 2015

I made a few smaller updates to some of my projects, not really big enough for separate posts. Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Simple Sharing Buttons has been updated to v2.7 with a few small design tweaks
  • Similarly, the /message received a few design updates and an overall clean up
  • And lastly, same as above for Detective. Furthermore, I did start working on the scoring and account system as promised, but this has stalled mainly due to insufficient time, but there also has been a significant drop of games played. The number of non-unique visits to this day is nearly 100,000, which doesn’t seem too bad, but about 60,000 of those visits happened in the first two or three days after the game was released.

Now, I’m happy to see that the game got very positive feedback and still attracts players, but I do have to wonder how much fun the game is when most of the time you get paired with the Robot.

Either way, the game is still in active development (although there are some technical challenges with the scoring system implementation I need to work out) and I’d be more than happy to recieve feedback and hear new ideas for the game.

And speaking of games, I’d like to “pre-announce” that I’m working on two new games (one of them coming out, hopefully, in the next few days, the other being a more of a long-term commitment).

I’m not really going to share details just yet, but I am going to say that I started learning RiveScript and really got excited about the possibilities :-)