Apply for a Webmaker Badge

Webmaker is releasing more web litteracy badges and I applied for a few.

If anyone’s interested, they are testing the application process – you can visit this page for more details; but basically you find a badge you want, for example this one, read the Badge Requirements section, click Apply, fill in the “What qualifies you to earn this badge?” field (I pretty much just copied the requirements and wrote something to each point) and click “Submit”.

Mozilla is also behind OpenBadges, so you will be able to add your Webmaker badges to your Backpack* together with quite a few others.

Even if you’re not interested in credentials or a Mozilla supporter, this seems kind of fun way to get some appreciation for all the work you, as a professional or an aspiring web developer, did for free with your side projects.

Either way, thanks for your attention and have a great day!

UPDATE: The testing phase is over and you can now apply for even more Webmaker badges. Be sure to check out an example application (which happens to be one of my own applications 🙂

Also, here is my Webmaker profile with the badges I earned myself.

* Actually there is a small bug, so the badges are not quite transferable yet, but experts are working on fixing it.


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