Open-sourcing Detective

I created the Detective game about 10 months ago. As I reported around that time, for 2-3 days it was hugely popular, with at least 100,000 games played, by thousands of players.

I had plans to add a a score board, but before that, I had to do a few adjustments to make it very difficult to cheat. Unfortunately, this being just a small side project, my free time became limited and eventually the interest of the players died down. And I moved on.

Fast forward to April 2016, when someone submitted Detective to reddit, and the traffic went up again. It’s great to see people still like the game, but my free time is more limited than ever. That’s why I decided to put the source code online, as imperfect as it is.

Hopefully, there will be enough interest to collaborate together and create a really fun game for everyone.

And here is the GitHub link 🙂

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