Below is a sample of projects I worked on in 2014 and 2016 as a freelancer and contractor. You can also see my personal side projects.

Facebook multi-group management tool

An online tool that lets Facebook group owners search through their groups’ posts, insert them into a document, which can be edited and exported as a PDF file.

Event management system

An event website that lets users subscribe to a paid plan that gives them access to workshops and other events, or pay to attend each event separately.

Signup Flow and Dashboard Redesign

I spent a few weeks working part-time for a San Francisco startup where I helped redesign their signup flow and their product’s dashboard. I also helped fix a few minor UX/UI issues on the site.

The main technologies used on this project were HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with jQuery and Bootstrap. The site runs on Python/Django, so my job also involved working with Django templates.

Before Stefan joined us, our front end was terrible. We had a big soup of JavaScript, CSS and HTML that a range of inexperienced developers had mashed together.

Stefan re-did key parts of our signup flow and dashboard. He did conceptualising, research and was consultative throughout the process.

Stefan was quick to build what he showed us, and paid close attention to detail.

I look forward to working with Stefan in the future.

Medical CMS

I created a single page medical app using AngularJS where doctors can manage patient data and annotate X-rays.

Very good work. I recommend [Stefan] for any web frontent/Angular project.

AngularJS Form Builder

The form builder lets user create, store, fill out forms and submit them. The user can easily view and sort the submitted data.

I proactively solved issues that arose due to browser limitations. I also designed the format in which the form data was stored by the backend.

The particular layout was requested by client and Twitter Bootstrap was used to implement it.

Flickr Commons Viewer

Two simple pages that display basic information and statistics on institutions participating in Flickr Commons. No JavaScript or CSS frameworks were used. I also built a custom caching mechanism with PHP and MySQL.

Excellent work. Will rehire.

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