Fight Fascism

I came across Angus Johnston’s Fight Fascism stickers about two months ago, and while I’m not really into putting stickers on my laptop, I really liked the design, so I decided to add it to the footer of some of my websites.

Originally the image would link to R. Luke DuBois’ adaptation of the Umberto Eco’s essay Ur-Fascism and the credit to the author would be on a separate page, but this was a bit confusing. I made a little website to which I’m now linking to instead and where you can find the code for adding the different versions of the sticker design to you own website to make it clear to your visitors that fascists are not welcome.

The project is hosted on Glitch, so feel free to create your own version if you’d like.

You can also get these stickers online, and be sure to support Angus’ project.


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