Link Formatter

Link Formatter (featured in Codrops Collective #335) is a simple tool for formatting a bunch of URLs as HTML or Markdown code. Say you have some URLs and you need to turn them into HTML or Markdown links. This tool automatically fetches the titles of the pages and optionally wraps your links in bullet lists, or even includes the domain name after each link.

I created Link Formatter mainly to help me speed up work on Botwiki. When I come across an interesting article or a tutorial that I’d like to add to the site, I usually save it to Pocket and once or twice a week I go through all my links and manually create a Markdown link using the title of each page, the actual URL, and the domain name which I add after the link so that Botwiki visitors can easily see where each link takes them.

With Link Formatter, I just need to copy all the URLs I saved and generate the code.

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