Makeover Monday

My submissions to the Makeover Monday data visualization challenge. My goal is not to do every challenge, rather to use this as an opportunity to improve my data visualization skills and learn to use new tools while working with some of the more interesting datasets.


Week 38

How much is your private information worth on the dark web?

A quick interactive visualization of the Dark Web Price Index 2021 dataset.

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Week 27

If Only ____ Voted

Taking a quick break from Tableau, here’s a series of SVG maps with a bit of JavaScript, and some stock imagery to keep things visually interesting.

I’ve also added a bit of editorial content to provide some thoughts and context on the data.

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Week 26

How Common is Your Birthday?

This one is a bit simpler and not much of a makeover, but it’s been a particularly busy week, and I definitely plan on revisiting this at some point.

For now, I’m just happy to be sticking with the schedule.

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Week 25

Stop & Search Rates by Ethnicity in the UK

This is my second Makeover Monday submission and a chance for me to learn how to create panel charts in Tableau.

The stock image of a drawing of a British police helmet adds a bit of visual flair.

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Week 24

Which Schools Create the Most Student Loans?

My first Makeover Monday submission. I wanted to do something a bit more interesting, so I added a second dataset that helps provide some context and compares the student loan in each state with the average post-graduate salary, answering a question of how long it takes to actually pay off the student loan.

I used csvkit to manipulate the data and updated some existing code for the map using a bit of JavaScript and SVG.

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Week 18

CEO-to-Worker Compensation Ratio

This was my first Tableau data visualization and technically not made specifically for Makeover Monday, but I submitted it when I saw that they used this dataset for one of the challenges.

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Week 01

The great bicycle boom of 2020

After my first four Makeover Monday submissions for weeks 24-27, I had a chance to go back and look at previous challenges.

I played a bit with formatting options in Tableau, which I find a bit limiting, but the result is not too bad.

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