Projects 💻

This is a list of my side projects, including data visualizations, creative online bots, and tools for web developers. Many of my projects are open-sourced on GitHub and on Glitch and some of my work can be found on Kaggle, and Tableau.

I also manage the Botmakers community and occasionally make music. Be sure to visit my blog for project updates and tutorials.

And here's a few older pictures and illustrations on Flickr.

Data Visualization Gutenberg Block

A Gutenberg block for adding simple data visualization to your WordPress blog posts.


An open-source collection of tutorials, articles, datasets and other resources for creating useful/interesting/artistic online bots.


A "reverse Turing test" chat game.

Space And Quotes

Back-end driven quote-on-a-space-background generator with image preloading -- no JavaScript!

Longer Than

Compare your relationship to those of famous couples.